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the origin of glitch

Go West or DIE trying

25 November
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what am i?? i am a prototype an experiment - when i was created, the powers that be said screw this and another one of me will never be created. a terrible product of my freinds and family, of twisted backwoods hillbilly roots.
I carry the mantra, as well as everyone who knows me, that "it can only happen to Jess."
amish, antique whiskey bottles, atlantic ocean, back roading, beer, bob dylan, boot knives, bottle cap collections, bowling alley chicken wings, brantingham, brooklyn, chuck palanuik, cock fighting, coffee, cold snaps, comic books, conspiracies, dreams of telekenisis, fireworks, fishing with mitch, forests, friendly shin kicks, gonzo journalism, halloween, happy dancing mushrooms, hg wells, hinkley the senic dumphole, hotdog trucks, hunter s thompson, jack kerouac, james, jimmy jim jim morrison, jolly rodgers, jrr tolkien, jules verne, knife throwing, kyaking, las vegas, led zeppelin, mechanical bulls, moosefest, morrison hotel, munson, my dads record collection, notoriety, old school photography, paranormal, passenger vans, phoners, piracy, poetry, prospect gorge, radar love, rafting, rapelling, revolution, risk, road sodas, rum, rustic furniture, satire, scuba diving, senic views, setting things on fire, steve miller, voices of a generation, voltage detectors, waterfalls, ween